Tips for New Piano Composers

Douglas Paone, MD, a concierge physician in Florida, enjoys playing the piano in his free time. Dr. Douglas Paone has played for more than 50 years and composes his own music as well.

When first starting to compose, you must first consider the type of music that you want to share with the world. Some composers tend toward the classical style, while others feel more moved by jazz or rock. Once you have a genre in mind, you can start to think about whether you would like to create a gentle and slow piece or a tune with a fierce, energetic style.

Many composers begin a piece by creating a melody or theme that can be developed throughout the work. You may choose to do this first, or you may prefer to start with a form that lays out where your repeating and contrasting sections will be. In either case, you will ultimately need a motif that you then develop through repetition, sequencing, and other ways of manipulating the melody. You will most likely also need a contrasting section to add color to your piece and create compositional interest, though the length and placement of this section is up to you.

Ultimately, your composition will develop from time spent experimenting and keeping what you like. Experts urge beginning composers to embrace mistakes and change what they feel needs changing. That way, you tie yourself down to nothing and leave yourself open to any idea you may have.


Florida Medical Association to Hold 2015 Spring Conference in May

Douglas Paone, MD, a physician with over 30 years of experience, has treated patients from his practice in Naples, Florida, since 2002. Dr. Douglas Paone works to enhance his knowledge and skills through organizations such as the Florida Medical Association (FMA), a group that supports and promotes the health care community in Florida through programs and activities focused on research, advocacy, and education.

Registration is now open for the FMA’s 2015 Spring Conference, which will take place May 29-30 at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The two-day event will focus on helping physicians achieve a better work/life balance while promoting the well-being of their patients.

The FMA 2015 Spring Conference will include educational sessions on a range of topics and will feature lectures from several prominent speakers, including Carmela Sebastian, MD, a nationally recognized health and wellness educator, speaker, and author. Outside of the educational programming, attendees at the conference will have the opportunity to network with their peers at receptions, a 5k run/walk, and other fun activities.

Three Tips for First-Time Anglers

Douglas Paone, MD, has administered adult internal medicine services to patients in Naples, Florida, for nearly 13 years. He previously spent 22 years in the same position at Kansas City Internal Medicine, PC. Outside of his medical practice, Douglas Paone, MD, enjoys saltwater fishing.

There are a few basic tips that can help a first-time saltwater fishermen. Heading out on a boat with one or more experienced anglers is the best piece of advice for a beginner. As with any new skill, practice is the key to improving, and more-skilled anglers can provide real-time assistance. Experienced anglers can also provide insight into the various pieces of saltwater fishing equipment. Familiarizing oneself with the rod, line, and lures is another important step new anglers should take. Refining a casting technique or learning how to bait the hook more effectively can mean the difference between a long drought and a string of successful outings on the water.

Finally, saltwater fishermen must follow the tides and the weather. A location that provided ideal conditions at one time of day might prove entirely fruitless at another. Saltwater fish are easiest to catch during ebb tides, although avoiding inclement and potentially dangerous weather should take precedence over an opportune change of tides.